Power of Astakfirullah! “seeking repentance”

As salamu alekum wa rehmatullihi wa barakatuhu!

(May peace and blessings of Allah ( سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى ) be upon you!

“Astakfirullah” is a very light and easy word to say; however, if we knew the true meaning of it then we will realize how powerful it is. When we constantly do “astakfar” which is asking Allah (swt) for forgiveness we are actually praying for ourselves to have a better life, we are asking Allah (swt) to guide us to the straight path (path of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)), we are asking Allah swt to give us what we really need to survive in the world so we can better prepare ourselves for hearafter.


This is why the din is established with tawhid and istighfar, as Allah the Exalted said: “Alif Lam Ra. This is a Book whose verses are perfected an then presented in detail from One who is Wise and Acquainted. Through a messenger, saying, “Do not worship except Allah. Indeed, I am to you from Him a warner and a bringer of good tidings,” and saying, “Seek forgiveness of your Lord and repent to Him, and He will let you enjoy a good provision.” [Al-Qur’an 11:1-3]

As we all know saytan(the devil) is our sworned enimie. He swore to Allah swt that he will make the believers follow him and make them sinners, Allah swt said “as long as His (swt) believers say astakfirullah, He (swt) will forgive!” “Allah Hu Akbar!!! When we stop doing astakfar and procrastinate and when we let our ego come in between it is nothing but saytan stopping us from doing it,. Just remember one thing as long as we do astakfar we will be erasing our sins.

I always tell my kids when we do astakfar it’s like a eraser when we write with a pencile and make a mistake you can always erase it. If you are writing with a pen (which are bigger sins) you can white out and try to do as much astakfar to makeup for what you did wrong. Therefore as long as we do astakfar we are defeating shayatan, and that is our goal. By defeating shaytan we are getting closer and closer to Allah swt and surely He is the most merciful and most forgiving!

Sometimes when we feel down or when we need to get things done or when we are having a difficult time resolving a problem, we should try doing astafar and then we can truly see the power of it. Everything becomes crystal clear and easy for us in this world to survive.

We want good lifestyle do astakfar

We want to have healthy kids do astakfar

We want to have money do astakfar

We want to have a good future for ourselves and kids do astakfar

Even if we want to die in a peaceful way do astakfar. Sub’han’Allah!

Finally, even if we are very pure never did anything bad in our lives always did the right thing which I know in todays world it is impossible but only the Prophet (saw ), sahabs, or Wali Allah will be of a kind, still do astakfar because it will help us and our families get closer to Allah swt together and have a peaceful life in this world and hearafter. Once we start doing astakfar we will see ourselves following our Deen our religion very easily because everytime we say astakfirullah Allah swt takes away one obstacle out of our way. Without any hassel we will find ourselves praying and doing dikr while taking care of worldly needs. Allah Hu Akbar!

Just remember one more thing as long as we do astakfar Allah swt will always forgive us. The moment we stop doing astakfar Allah swt will close the doors of forgiveness and seal our hearts from never doing astakfar again. May Allah swt give us all the hidayath of doing astakfar till the end of time Ameen sumameen ya Rabul Alameen!

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