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Sunnahs of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]

December 12, 2008

 As salam alekum wa rehmatillahi wa barkatahu

(May peace, blessings, and mercy of Allah (swt) be upon all of you) 

Sunnahs of Eating:

  • Sit and eat on the floor.
  • Spread out a cloth on the floor first before eating.
  • Wash both hands up to the wrists.
  • Recite “Bismillah wa’la barakatillah’ aloud.
  • Eat with the right hand.
  • Eat from the side that is in front of you.
  • If a morsel of food falls down, pick it up, clean it and eat it.
  • Do not find fault with the food.
  • When eating, sit with either both knees on the ground or one knee raised or both knees raised.
  • Clean the plate and other utensils thoroughly after eating.
  • By doing this, the utensils make dua for one’s forgiveness.
  • Recite dua after eating. ( Al hamdu lillahi lazi atamana saqana wo jaalna minal musalamin )
  • After meals wash both the hands.
  • Eat with three fingers if possible.
  • One should not eat very hot food.
  • Do not blow on the food.
  • After eating one should lick his fingers.